Panic Attacks – Where Did My Rational Thinking Go?

“A sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety.”

That’s how the dictionary describes a panic attack. To those who don’t encounter anxiety or panic attacks in their everyday life, there might be some surprising words in there. Overwhelming. Disabling. A little strong right? But for those who suffer from them on a regular basis, these words might not go far enough. Continue reading

Anxiety, It’s Everywhere

About 2 and  a half years ago, I quit my job. I was a GM in the hospitality industry, I was earning good money, I had been there for 5 years so I knew what I was doing and I was good at it. It all sounds pretty positive right? But I needed to get out, I needed to fix my work life balance, and think about the next step in my career. So I quit and took a 3 month break while I worked out what to do next.

I started this blog with the full intention of writing consistently as a challenge and to work on being a better me, if you look back through my posts you will see that I didn’t follow through with the writing. It had all started with a hiss and a roar and then it all fell away, so what happened? Why did I stop?

Because the challenge to work on myself took an unexpected turn. Continue reading

Breaking the silence, with grief

Tonight I received a call, it was news of my grandfather’s death. All I remember hearing is that he had passed peacefully and painlessly and after that it all just went straight over me. After I’d hung up, all I felt was emptiness, no anger, no pain, I couldn’t bring tears to my eyes, I just felt nothing. I had been expecting Continue reading

The Time Capsule Part 1

Back in late 1999, when the world was obsessed with the new millennium (and the fear of Y2K), my school decided that they wanted to bury a time capsule to be opened at the turn of the next century or millennium, I can’t remember which. Anyway, us students were asked to each create something to go into the capsule and the top X amount of entries were selected to be buried in it along with a massive school photograph. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of a time capsule, Continue reading

How long did your new year’s resolution last?

So, we are just over a week into this brand spanking new year and no doubt most of you had at least one (some of you may have had a list) new year’s resolution. They could be anything from going to the gym/fitness goals or giving up smoking/drinking to Continue reading