Blog challenge: What difference do you want to make?

Before we begin…

This post is part of Scott Dinsmore’s 7 day blog challenge. Since my writing has gotten a bit lazy of late I have decided to light a bit of a fire under it with this. Each day I will get a new post topic to write about, not all of them will necessarily be things I want to write about too much but I have committed to writing the post each day even if it’s only a small one. Since day one of the challenge is to start the blog, and that has clearly already been done so I started with day 2 which you can read here. Onwards with day 6…

What difference do you want to make…

This has been a hard one to write. It has taken all day of me procrastinating to get around to sitting down to write it. It is tough to decide what difference I want to make, but I guess it is easier to start with those closest to me. To my close friends and family, the difference I want to make is to share my love for them, to help them out where I can and to continue to have a mutual respect and understanding for each other.

Outside of that I guess the goal stays pretty similar. I would love to be able to help people to have a mutual respect and understand for each other, as well as to share the communication music can bring. Today I caught up with a good friend for lunch and we discussed how music can bring people together and how there is an understanding created by people playing music together that is tough to achieve otherwise. True music comes from the heart. I’m not talking about the pop cash machine that currently operates, I’m talking about music created for the love of music, where money isn’t even a thought in the creation of it, people bonding with people to create something special.

To prove my point, here’s a video of a tube station full of people in London getting together in song.

Another great example of this is jazz, a genre so broad that it can cater to nearly every taste, in fact if you look at nearly every song created from the heart, you will find elements of a jazz style in there. Possibly the only exception is classical music, which in itself is another great example of music created from the heart.

This is why Music Is Me.

This is why Rhythm, and indeed Music, Is In The Heart.

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So there we have it, fifth post done, 1 to go. As always please let me know what you think either below or on the contact page. As I mentioned above I am also struggling with thinking of new topics to write about so if there is anything you would like to see me write about, please let me know either in the comments below or the contact page. Finally if you want to be notified when I write a new post, just enter your name and email in the subscribe box on the below, I promise not to spam you.

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