How long did your new year’s resolution last?

So, we are just over a week into this brand spanking new year and no doubt most of you had at least one (some of you may have had a list) new year’s resolution. They could be anything from going to the gym/fitness goals or giving up smoking/drinking to Continue reading

Blog challenge: What revolution will you lead?

Before we begin…

This is the last post of Scott Dinsmore’s 7 day blog challenge. Since my writing has gotten a bit lazy of late I decided to light a bit of a fire under it with this. Each day I have had a new post topic to write about, not all of them were necessarily be things I wanted to write about too much but I committed to writing the post each day even if it was only a small one. Since day one of the challenge is to start the blog, and that has clearly already been done, I started with day 2 which you can read here. Onwards with day 7…

 What revolution will you lead?

Well, what a difficult question, I’m not even Continue reading


Wow…its been nearly two weeks since I posted on here. I kept telling myself I would post tomorrow and then the next day and in the end here we are. I guess procrastination gets us all sometimes, the important thing is to realise that it’s happening, that’s half the battle. From there it’s all about having the self-discipline to actually do something about it. So what is the easiest way to overcome it? To work that out we first have to look at why do we procrastinate. Continue reading