Breaking the silence, with grief

Tonight I received a call, it was news of my grandfather’s death. All I remember hearing is that he had passed peacefully and painlessly and after that it all just went straight over me. After I’d hung up, all I felt was emptiness, no anger, no pain, I couldn’t bring tears to my eyes, I just felt nothing. I had been expecting Continue reading

Blog challenge: What revolution will you lead?

Before we begin…

This is the last post of Scott Dinsmore’s 7 day blog challenge. Since my writing has gotten a bit lazy of late I decided to light a bit of a fire under it with this. Each day I have had a new post topic to write about, not all of them were necessarily be things I wanted to write about too much but I committed to writing the post each day even if it was only a small one. Since day one of the challenge is to start the blog, and that has clearly already been done, I started with day 2 which you can read here. Onwards with day 7…

 What revolution will you lead?

Well, what a difficult question, I’m not even Continue reading