The power of positivity

When was the last time you sat down at the end of the day and felt like you had achieved nothing today? Sound familiar? For most of us I would be willing to bet that is at least once a week. It can be a struggle to see the positive things we have done in the day if we aren’t thinking hard about it sometimes. I have recently been in such a place, it felt like nearly everyday I had done nothing (at least nothing positive) and it was quite a depressing feeling, I felt like I was just wasting away my day because I hadn’t made progress on the things I was supposed to (it’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re not working). Well, I’ve found a way to combat it…

The Positivity Journal

After a particularly depressing day, I was talking to my mum on the phone and she asked “What have you done today?” My instant response was “Nothing.” I then proceeded to tell her all the things I had done today that were positive without realising it and at the end she said “Well look at that, you started off saying you had done nothing today, but look at all the small things you’ve achieved. Doesn’t sound like nothing at all!”

Afterwards I was then telling my partner about it and she took my notebook and started writing, she wouldn’t tell me what she was writing about but came to me 20 minutes later and told me to read it. There in the notebook was a list of all the positive things she thought I had done all day, it was a page long!!!

It gave me a massive boost and occurred to me, what if I do this everyday, how much better will I feel about myself? So I started writing at the end of every day “Positive things from today”. Some of them have been as small as “Limited my supermarket spend” and some much bigger like “Had my first interview in five years with XYZ company and even though I was feeling nervous I aced it!”

I guess it’s similar to a journal except you’re only recording the positive things from the day, including how you felt about certain things. The key is to make sure you write something down, I’ve been forcing myself to find at least four positive things from every day, and it’s not as hard as you would think.

The Result

For me it has helped my confidence massively, I have been struggling with confidence after leaving a job of 5 years without knowing what will happen next, it can be scary sometimes but this has made a massive difference, I am noticing that I am sleeping better, feeling bolder about the things I do and realising that I can do things I didn’t think I could. I would thoroughly recommend it to just about anyone.

Some Tips

  • You can write anything, it isn’t for anyone else to read unless you want them to so don’t worry about writing something that you might feel embarrassed to show someone else.
  • Like I said try for at least 4 positives from every day, but there is no limit to how many you can write.
  • I have been recording how well I slept each night in-between days, I’ve noticed that generally I have better sleeps when I have found more positives from the day.
  • It is all up to your self-discipline to do, and if you don’t feel like writing it that night, that’s ok, just make sure you record it the next day, you want to try to keep it as continuous as possible, I have missed days every now and again and just write them in the next day, just be aware that it is easier to remember when it is fresh.
  • Make sure you go back and look at previous days, it’s good to remember just how much positive stuff you’ve done.
  • It helps to have a notebook solely for this or as I do, the front is the Live Off Your Passion course notes and the back is my positivity journal.
  • It ties in really well with a weekly plan that I have been doing courtesy of Scott Dinsmore over at Live Your Legend, it’s a free tool so check it out over at his website here.


If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions on how you keep positive (or if you just want to let me know how you get on with it), let me know either in the comments section below or through the contact page.

All in all, have fun with it, it’s about you and how you feel so focus on that and enjoy being positive about yourself!

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