The Time Capsule Part 2

This is the conclusion of The Time Capsule Part 1 post, if you haven’t seen the first one, check it out here. After reading over the first one, I guess you could say that I sound pretty fearful of the future, I’d like the chance to amend that view. I’m not so much fearful of the future, but more trying to explain how I see it playing out, given the current trends we see in everyday life. I absolutely believe that we can change that, it might not be easy, but if we can change the current trends then I think it would pay of in the long run. It’s a case of playing the long game and realising that it isn’t all about doing it the rewards that we will necessarily gain, but more so the rewards that others can gain and let’s be honest, it does actually feel quite good to do good for others. Anyway, on with the show, beginning with number six…

A letter describing the trials and tribulations of today, and why when you really think about it, some of them are terrifying and others should have no significance at all. It’s true, if you were to sit down and make a list of all the things you find wrong in the world you a) will probably have a fairly long list depending on how pessimistic you are and b) will realise that a fair chunk of them, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of it, pale into insignificance. It’s like putting a struggle to find a good coffee in your hometown next to the poverty throughout 3rd world countries, if you had a choice to fix one of them and eternally live with the other, you’d fix the poverty in a heartbeat, it’s all relative. Who knows what the true trials and tribulations of the future would be, but I think that it would be fascinating to compare the two, and maybe it would help to see how the solutions of today can fix the problems of the future.

A picture of true nature. If you listen to environmentalists, they will tell you that we are destroying the earth, we are killing mother nature and the natural beauty that comes with it and that one day the only green you will see will be the paint job done on someones car. I would hate to think that it’s true, but I can’t imagine that it is too far from the truth. The great thing about a picture of true nature is that everyone’s picture would be different (I love ideas that are fully open to interpretation). For me it would be a struggle to find the perfect picture because there are so many images that run through my head, all of which would be perfect, I think the one that would win it for me would be a picture of children playing in nature, like some big park or forest, surrounded by nature and green, it would certainly see it for me.

A Nokia 3210 mobile phone. One of the most successful and popular mobile phones ever sold, this mobile phone is the one that most people my age had for their first ever mobile phone. For me it was the start of something amazing and new, the start of the modern mobile phone. Today just about everybody has a smartphone which can do just about everything for you, but back then it was about creating the coolest ringtone, getting away with having your phone turned on in class and beating your mates highest score on snake. The 3210 was released in 1999, and just 16 years later in 2015 we have smartphones galore. The speed of the technology improvement is massive and given another 100 years, who knows how it will be, hopefully technology won’t govern our lives but sadly, I get the feeling it might. My hope would be that someone might look at the old Nokia and try to rediscover how people managed when all they could do with their phone was call and text (depending on how much credit you had left). They might realise that you don’t need everything delivered to your pocket 24/7 instantly, that sometimes simpler is better.

A copy of my mum’s recipe for sausage casserole.  Who knows what food will be like in the future, there was a time, not so long ago where everything was about fast food. Luckily people have started to realise the problems associated with it and there are more people thinking about healthy eating and eating real food and I would like to think that people eating food made entirely of plastic and additives is more unlikely in the future now, but you just never know. My mum makes the best sausage casserole I’ve ever had, it’s full of goodness and healthy ingredients, super versatile depending on what vegetables you have (and like), and it’s incredibly easy and requires very little effort. If the people of the future are eating ridiculously unhealthy food, I would hope that someone would find the recipe and give it a go.

A picture of myself. It’s almost a mandatory requirement that you put a picture of yourself in a time capsule, if you don’t how will they laugh at what you wore and how you looked, maybe you’ll even inspire a fashion revolution, who knows? I guess you could say I don’t look like your average person, I have long hair for a guy, unless I need to wear a suit its a t-shirt and jeans or shorts (I’m not New Zealand’s next top fashion designer) and up until recently was super pale (night work turns you into a vampire). But hey, what is normal anyway?

A print out of this blog post. I don’t know why but I feel like it might just come in handy to explain all of this a bit better than just the items in the box, to explain the thoughts and meanings behind everything and help to give an insight into the then past. Maybe these items would inspire people on their own, or maybe without a bit of meaning behind them, they might just get tossed out as useless old junk. I would like to feel like it would make a difference to somebody, somewhere, someday.

So there we go., I have to say I have loved writing about this time capsule idea, it has really gotten my creative juices flowing and it was honestly pretty hard to pick the right 10 items. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and maybe gotten some of you thinking. I would love to hear some of the items you might put in your time capsule and why so leave a note in the comments below, send me a message via the contact page, touch base through social media or even send me an email at As always I would also love to know what you guys would like to see me write about too so let me know as above.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed reading this two-part post and want to read more, have a browse through the site and also sign up to receive email notifications when I post something new below.

Happy hunting everyone…

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