Time to get healthy

So it’s been a wee while since I posted on here, I’ve been keeping myself busy with my goal to get healthy. Since I signed up at a local gym on Tuesday, I’ve been every day since for an hour each day. It’s been tough but rewarding, I’ve found myself feeling better and weirdly craving healthy food. It’s also had a surprising effect in knocking down the cigarette cravings which is good, from nearly a pack a day when I was working to now less than 10 a day. Amazing what a bit of exercise can do!

The next step is to sort out my day planning, I’ve found that I’ve gotten a bit lazy with getting stuff done during ‘working time’. Therefore each day I’m planning: an hour of workout, an hour of blog work (writing, replying to comments etc.), an hour working on my cv and job hunting, at least half an hour playing music and an hour of the loyp course. All up it will be 4.5 hours a day Monday to Friday, leaving plenty of time for other things.

I’ve also decided to set myself some goals, both long-term and short-term. With fitness I want to improve my stamina and strength short-term (next few months) and within 12 months I would like to attempt my first half marathon, I think it’s a good goal to work towards.
With the blog my aim is to start hitting 500 views a week over the next few months and have more interaction and feedback with you guys (the readers).
The job work is pretty self-explanatory, much as I would love to carry on being unemployed forever and enjoy the lifestyle, it’s not realistic so unless I can find a way to start making money from home (which I would love) I’m going to have to find an income source from somewhere.
The music is purely about my own personal enjoyment, but I am considering trying to find some folks to play with and maybe get some lessons so I can improve the skills. I would also like to go see some live music at least once a week.
Last but not least, the loyp course that started all this. I hit a bit of a speed bump last week with one of the tasks and found myself getting de-motivated and neglecting it. It’s really important that I carry on with it and finish it so I’m aiming to have gone through all the material by the start of February, although im hopeful that I’ll never stop learning from it.

I’m going to start doing a weekly post with my progress, lessons learned and good experiences so that should provide a good insight.

Here’s to getting stuff done!

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